Managing Your Reputation-

Is your business suffering from false negative reviews? Is there someone posting propaganda about your company on sites including Ripoffreport and Real Self? This is a terrible situation to be in. When slanderous postings surface for keyword searches associated with your name, it will have a detrimental effect on business.

The Internet is flooded with websites originally designed to help businesses grow, but the reality of these sites including Yelp and 800Notes is that they have become a forum for any anonymous person to attack someone for selfish gain. Unfortunately, Google ranks these review sites high and even though many are notorious for posting mostly untruths, when they appear below your website you will lose customers. No one is going to take the time to research the validity of the review. In fact people may not even read it. All a viewer needs to see is a Ripoffreport with your name listed on search engine results and they will dismiss the idea of doing business with you and move on to the next listed competitor. What this means for victims is a serious decrease in revenues.

If there is a negative review connected with your company it is imperative you hire a marketing firm experienced with online reputation management to eliminate it from keyword search pages. Don’t allow the enemy to harm you business with slanderous content on the web. Hire a marketing firm with a proven record of removing ‘scam’ from Google drop down menus and the seo techniques necessary to efficiently restore a positive profile. At Mediasophia we understand that negative reviews can have serious consequences. Our record of success proves that even our clients that are attacked on a regular basis have no evidence of negative content visible on Google pages associated with their name.

Our reverse seo techniques not only eliminate the harmful effects of bad reviews, but we create positive content that we optimize to enhance your reputation and bring you revenue increasing results.  Our online reputation management has restored the online identify for clients in progressive cities including New York, Paris, Miami and other cities. No one is immune to cyber bullying. If you see hateful content about your business online, give us a call and we will take care of it right away.