Web design, optimization and reputation Management-

Are you ready to experience the benefits of sophisticated web design and high visibility on the web? Statistics prove that the med spa clinics that are represented on the first page of Google for popular keyword searches obtain 75% of market shares. In competitive cities like New York, Miami and Chicago this percentage amounts to high revenue.

A state of the art Palm Beach web designs that reflects current market trends will captivate the viewing audience and convert visitors into customers. When a cosmetic surgeon’s website is comprised of design elements that are sharp, clean and welcoming, it will earn the trust of viewers and increase your influx of new patients.

However, if a negative review or defaming content appears in connection with the surgeons name or practice, it will deter prospective patients and negatively impact careers. Through the implementation of Internet marketing that includes online reputation management cosmetic surgeons are able to protect themselves from rip off reports and false negative reviews while enhancing their profile on the web.

Mediasophia clients are dominating dominating popular search phrases like liposuction and breast augmentation in progressive cities and as result yield returns that far exceed investment.