Remove Bad Urbanspoon Reviews from Google and Other Search Engines

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.41.21 AMProtect Your Business from Bad Urbanspoon Reviews-

Mediasophia online reputation management will remove bad Urbanspoon reviews from Google Searches. How a restaurant is represented on the internet will determine its success. When people are looking for a new place to go eat, they use the Internet to find new restaurants and check out customer ratings. With thousands of visitors seeking out the type of menu you serve on the web, if  your website appears first, it will bring in a constant influx of new customers. However, if a negative review on Urbanspoon should appear in connection with your restaurant, it will cost you revenue. Word-of-mouth and public opinions are very influential, and customer experience is a valuable marketing tool when it is positive. A bad report or negative posting on Urbanspoon however, will scare away potential customers and lead them straight to the competition.

Bad Urbanspoon Reviews can send you into bankruptcy –

A tainted reputation or poor impression of a eatery can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. Once someone shares a negative experience or talks poorly about the quality of food, it can spread viral and wreak havoc on business. 6614urbanspoonBad reviews on Urbanspoon will harm your ability to attract new customers. Urbanspoon is recognized by the public as a valuable tool for learning about a restaurant. For this reason it is ranked highly by Google and other search engines. Chances are if someone has posted a slanderous comment on the Urbanspoon website, people are going to see it. Defaming a restaurant through the posting of negative reviews is becoming more and more popular, and although it’s a terrible infraction, it is an effective form of harassment. If someone wants to hurt you , due to the nature of the web, they can.

Mediasophia protects clients from internet propaganda. Our team takes an organic approach to remove bad reviews and Rip Off Reports from searches connected with your business. Our reverse SEO techniques are 100% Google-approved and bring immediate results.

Mediasophia removes bad reviews from Urbanspoon, 800notes, Yelp, Angie’s List, Tripadvisor, Merchant Circle, Citysearch, Healthgrades, RipOffReport, Fairfax Underground and all other web forums for sharing public opinion.

Our clients are empowered with positive online content that accurately reflects their success!