Put a Stop to Med Spa Facebook Harassment

82214faceStop Social Media Abuse and Take charge of your reputation

Mediasophia online reputation management for med spas protects estheticians from Facebook harassment. Mediasophia reputation management for health and beauty professionals cleanses tainted reputations for victims of Facebook and all other social media harassment. Our reputation management teams implement proven organic strategies that replace negative content with quality blogs, videos and press releases that bury slanderous postings with positive information that clear your good name and enhance your profile on the Internet.

Social medias is a powerful phenomenon that has impacted society on an enormous scale. People are making old and new connections reaching thousands of people instantaneously. All it takes is a smart phone tap or click of a mouse to reach thousands of people anytime, day or night. Sharing information and connecting with business associates, prospective patients, clients, family, friends and the public has never been easier and people are completely embracing this new forum of communication. However there is a downside to this contemporary form of networking. When postings and comments are hateful and slanderous it can cause severe discomfort and negatively impact careers. In fact many successful med spa clinics have had to close the practice and file chapter eleven as a result of Internet propaganda and false negative representation on the web.

Victims of Facebook Harassment and Social Media Abuse

Many people are being stalked, bullied, humiliated and defamed on Facebook. Social media abuse is no joke.Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.53.24 AM Ugly gossip is destroying partnerships, business relations, families, friendships and careers. At Mediasophia we refer this type of abuse as Facebook harassment. Often successful estheticians, cosmetic surgeons and med spa professionals find they have become the victims of propaganda by what people are posting on social media sites. In many cases it is terribly disturbing and can get very ugly. When someone is out to get you, due to the nature of the Internet, they can. It unfair, unethical, malicious and unfortunate very real.

Mediasophia Offers a Solution to Facebook Harassment

We protect surgeons, med spa professionals and estheticians from social media propaganda and abuse with the following tactics:

remove negative content through copyright infringement82214
remove negative content through impersonation law
bury negative content through reverse seo tactics
positively enhance reputations through video, photographs and diverse social media posting
Restore Your Good Name and Build a Powerful Internet Profile

Once something bad is posted on the Internet it can create very negative consequences. Online posts, tweets and Facebook gossip can turn viral and spread to thousands of viewers in an instant. Families have been torn apart through the posting of incriminating photographs or false ugly statements and partnerships have ended. Med spa clinics and skin care professionals have suffered thousands of dollars in lost revenues and estheticians have gone bankrupt from a continuum of online attacks, defaming Facebook gossip and slanderous postings.

Mediasophia online reputation management protects med spa professionals from defaming comments, hateful statements, attacking shout outs, gossip, manipulated photographs, slanderous conversation, fictitious social media accounts, online arrest records, defaming press releases and all forms of social media abuse.

Mediasophia prides itself on its highly trained team of professionals that immediately eliminate harassment on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.