President Trump Commemorative Stamps in Honor of 50th Anniversary of Trump’s 2016 Election Victory

With news of Donald Trump’s nomination as the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party for the 2016 election, the MediaSophia creative team decided to create a humorous graphic depicting a theoretical series of commemorative stamps! The design included iconic images from the nominee’s press appearances as well as a theoretical value of $100 per stamp and custom font and layout design.

 Multimedia Spoof Graphic Design Project

“We were looking to exploit the press coverage surrounding Mr. Trump’s rise among the Republican Party ranks.  More than a media sensation, Donald Trump has emerged as a full-blown social and cultural phenomenon unlike anything this country has ever seen.”

-Mediasophia President, George Magalios

Blending Humor With a Current Media Presence

Trump Stamp Project Facts

  • Humor as material

  • Digital photo manipulation as pictorial element

  • Introduction of old hobby with a futuristic look (stamp collecting)

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