Mediasophia philanthropy

Giving Back

Mediasophia is proud to be involved in a number of philanthropic and charitable endeavors as part of its mission to give back to its communities. This philanthropy takes many forms including donating 10% of all profits to our scholarship fund to support various schools and colleges. We also provide one paid day off per year for every Mediasophia family member to volunteer at a non-profit institution of their choosing.

Worthy Causes

These small gestures represent our commitment to the higher ideals of living well and doing business responsibly. Mediasophia has supported a number of other charitable causes including providing Pro-Bono consulting and design work to organizations as diverse as The Milagro Center (Delray Beach), The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, AHEPA 18 (West Palm Beach), and The Hellenic Development Group (Fort Lauderdale).

Promoting Education

Mediasophia has also created annual scholarships at Cardinal Newman High School (West Palm Beach) and Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh), both Alma Maters of President George Magalios. Mediasophia believes that education should be accessible to all without regard to financial status. Our goal is to create a series of scholarships across the country at major universities to promote higher learning and to invest in the future of America.

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