Pay Per Click Internet Marketing Campaigns by mediasophia in Miami, New York and the world

PPC Results in the Short and Long Term

A successful pay-per-click (PPC) or Google AdWords campaign maximizes return on investment for every keyword. This requires a careful strategy of finding the right keywords for your industry and implementing them for the appropriate page in your website.

Mediasophia has a proven track record of successful PPC management because of our exceptional dedication to research and development of all aspects of keyword optimization and website design. We ensure that all ends of a PPC campaign are streamlined and optimized (website, landing page, keyword priority, costs per click).

google pay per click adwords logoBefore we begin a new campaign we undertake a major research and development process for our client’s industry and trends in google adwords. This process leads to discoveries on the strengths and weaknesses in both our clients websites and their competitors.

Our PPC team includes keyword engineers, consultants, designers, and writers who integrate their prodigious talents and experience into each client’s campaign in order to ensure lasting success.

Complete Marketing Integration Consulting

Lasting success with PPC campaigns begins and ends with the right experience and judgment that lets you identify the most effective and powerful keywords for your industry and your website. From that point, Mediasophia offers comprehensive consulting analaysis for every campaign that takes into account factors ranging from web design, layouts, keyword placement, photographs, price points, and more. Because we see all marketing strategies from a holistic perspective, no detail is too small for our team. We understand that PPC can be a very expensive way to conduct Internet Marketing which is why we encourage each of our clients to integrate our organic search engine optimization (SEO) elements into our campaigns.

The right balance between PPC and organic SEO will lead to lasting long-term prosperity that transcends the vicissitudes of keywords and costs per click. PPC can be a very powerful tool for sales and marketing purposes but left to the wrong hands it can also be a drain on marketing resources and a very expensive endeavor.

Smart Investments in the Right Keywords

Mediasophia begins every PPC campaign with a focus on conversions. Just getting people to your site is not enough. You have to be able to convert them to sales or phone calls, depending on the site and business model. Most companies make the mistake of not considering all the variables before investing on PPC ads. Because our consulting elements are integrated into everything we do, our clients benefit from our experiences as we forge long-term success for them.