mediasophia seo miami philosophyMediasophia believes in a holistic approach to business success. Because of this belief we undertake every project with the goal of  creating long-term partnerships with each of our clients. Our working philosophy prioritizes quality work, responsibility, accountability and the ability to explain our work effectively to our clients. In this way everything we do is designed to put the client’s interests first and build success organically.

The Mediasophia Way

1. Our work has resulted in millions of dollars of sales for our clients
Our proven record of success speaks for itself. We work with businesses and individuals, large and small in industries as varied as cosmetic surgery, television, and health care. Many of our clients have earned millions of dollars in annual sales from our campaigns.

2. Ethical Custom Organic Internet Marketing.
We utilize only original content and campaigns crafted uniquely for each business. Our research and development team begins every campaign so it is tailored to the unique properties of each client’s industry and identity. We only take one client per market in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

3. Everything is made in the USA in our offices with professional writers, engineers, and designers.
Mediasophia undertakes all aspects of its work in-house and never out-sources because we believe that all work executed in the United States not only benefits our clients but also our country. Quality control and ethical approaches to business are the foundation upon which we build success.

4. First Page Results guaranteed!
Regardless of investment, all of our packages offer first page rankings on and other search engines. We have accomplished number 1 rankings for the most difficult keywords in many highly competitive industries because we do not take shortcuts and we offer an exceptional level of quality.

5. Proven Custom Results for Specific Industries with our Research and Development Team
We evaluate the needs and markets of each individual company before we begin. We do not utilize the same writings or tactics for all our clients because every industry and every market are unique.

6. Mediasophia offers complete consulting with every SEO and ORM package
We consult on all  integral e-commerce issues and we do not limit our SEO and ORM work. Mediasophia provides input on design, web domain names, products and all services.

7. Proven ability to manipulate google search suggestions for ORM (removing “scam”) and other negative content and maintain permanent positive web reputation search results
We guarantee the removal of negative results, negative google search suggestions (in drop-down menus), and improved PERMANENT online reputations. We can provide references and examples of work that are exceptionally rare in our industry.

8. Mediasophia stands behind all its work and communicates with clients regularly. We are always available by phone and email.
We are accountable for our work and we are always available for contact. We have a strict policy of returning calls and emails the same business day.

9. All work is an investment toward optimal results using Google-approved White Hat Techniques
We never use questionable practices that limit your ability to maintain rankings (Black Hat Techniques) and threaten your website’s viability with the risk of being banned by google. All of our work is appropriate for all search engines and is permanent.

10. 10% of all our profits are donated to scholarship funds
Mediasophia gives back to its community and believes in investing in America’s education.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Techniques are Google-Approved and provide fast, safe results that will never get your website blacklisted and removed from search engines the way unscrupulous techniques utilized by other companies might!

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Our SEO campaigns include monthly reports with simple metrics that let you evaluate the Return on Investment in plain language. Each of our reports includes rankings and other vital statistics!

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