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Our Clients Include:

  • Single Professional Women and Men

  • Corporate Executives

  • Attorneys

  • Celebrities

  • Doctors

  • Non-Profit Organization Executives

  • Politicians

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Financial Professionals

  • Society Philanthropists

  • And People Just Like You!



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We Give You Publicity Across The Web and Our Proprietary Network!

Case Study: Music Producer

Mediasophia not only improved the online profile of a an event and music producer, We also enhanced his image and career while providing more credibility with targeted blogging and press releases. The client was being harassed by an ex-girlfriend who posted very damaging content online. In response we deleted the offending photographs and social media posts while we created a comprehensive multimedia network interlinking his name with media on sites like and The Google results contributed to the client’s success by combining respected interviews, articles and press releases with links to his itunes page and other sources. The client was able to expand brand awareness and enhances his bookings as a result. 

Case Study: Single Society Philanthropist

Mediasophia created a multimedia, video-rich campaign for a single woman in the Society Circuit. The work included brand promotion across our proprietary network of hundreds of sites along with the optimization of clips and sound samples on youtube, social media and their websites.  We increased the client’s online presence dynamically through new media channels and enhanced her profile for her philanthropic endeavors while burying some unwanted, unflattering older photographs. The client was interested in starting a new relationship with a business executive and needed a more high-powered social media presence with more followers. 

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With our sexy, seductive and powerful publicity team we can shine the most beautiful and flattering light on you so that others who check you out online will see a star! 


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We create powerful profiles that include career and personal highlights, as well as stategically-placed references to your name on the most powerful social media sites, blogs and magazines on the web. 


Delete Your Past!

We remove unflattering press and profiles that may compromise your social and professional standing and we replace them with star-quality content! 

Shine Brightly!

Our art department includes a personal photographer, editors, developers and a design concierge who work with you personally so you can rise above your competition online! 

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