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online reputation management

Unique Among Online Reputation Management Companies

We cleanse tainted reputations for both individuals and companies with proven organic strategies that replace negative content with quality videos, blogs, and press releases that enhance your business and clear your good name!

We Restore Your Good Name Online! Guaranteed!

We are unique among online reputation management companies because we provide fast success and provide leads to your business in the process! online reputation managementA damaged reputation can cost millions of dollars in sales for businesses and individuals! A bad online reputation can hurt your personal life! We can help! Our organic online reputation management campaigns replace negative reviews and libelous and damaging content with positive marketing and branding content that enhances your or your company’s online reputation. Mediasophia is one of the premier online reputation management companies in the world because of its unique high-profile celebrity clientele.

Restoring Reputations For Individuals and Businesses From Corporations to Small Companies

Online reputation management (ORM) is a term that refers to either a company’s or an individual’s profile on websites throughout the Internet. With so many ways to damage a person’s reputation and credibility online it is crucial to maintain a good profile. Mediasophia is experienced in providing long-term online reputation management campaigns with various celebrities and high-profile clients:

Terry Bradshaw
Larry King
Martin Sheen
Marilu Henner
Fred Thompson
Joan Lunden

online reputation restorationWhen you fail to be proactive in providing unique content about your company or yourself, your reputation is up for grabs by nefarious parties and many third-party websites that piggyback on your name for their own intentions.

Bad Online Review? We Can Help! Online Reputation Management for Professionals

Your Reputation Matters!

Once your reputation is tainted it can cost thousands, or even millions, of dollars in lost revenues. Recent newspaper stories have outlined the many avenues available for anonymous writers, many of whom are your competitors, to defame or slander a company or individual online. Once something negative is posted on the Web it can create a very damaging ripple effect.

Mediasophia’s online reputation management campaigns include protecting individuals from the following:

Victims of revenge porn in particular not only suffer embarrassment and defamation of character, but the consequences of this type of attack, if not addressed, can lead to a career end and the end of your ability to make a living.

We Remove Ripoffreport, 800notes, Yelp, Angie’s List, Reviews, Photos, Slander and All Negative Content from Google Search Results Fast!

angie's list bad reviewsMediasophia has a proven record of success when it comes to removing results from attack sites like ripoffreport, 800notes and others from search results. These sites operate under the pretext of providing objective reviews of companies when in fact they are largely powerful platforms for people with an axe to grind (disgruntled employees, ex-wives/husbands, jealous people, etc.) and competitors who use them to damage reputations for their own vindictive purposes. On many review sites including Yelp, Google Local Business/Maps reviews, Angie’s List, Merchant Circle, Citysearch, and others, people can post anonymously without any accountability and severely damage the reputation and livelihoods of individuals and companies.

Our writers and programs know how to remove ripoffreport from Google search results! Our team can protect and restore your good name using 100% Google-approved techniques!


The government of France ordered Google to stop indexing these sites from their results and adding “scam” to a company’s name automatically. Unfortunately the United States is very slow to address this issue that is hurting many honest and legitimate companies and professionals.

Google “Scam” Removal and Suggested Search Manipulation

Mediasophia is experienced in removing damaging, slanderous, or embarrassing content and over-riding it with more appropriate and flattering content. Our ORM campaigns take an organic approach that includes many basic search engine optimization aspects that can bring more business your way.

Our writers, designers, and programmers are experienced in rehabilitating the reputation of companies through reverse SEO and other techniques that eradicate the harmful aspects of content related to one’s name or company. Mediasophia has a proven track record of removing “scam” from suggested Google searches and manipulating drop down menus. We know the ins and outs of reputation management because of our technical expertise.

Each of our organic ORM campaigns includes the following tactics and features:

Online Reputation Management Success

Our work has resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for our clients. Every one of our ORM campaigns provides uniquely powerful marketing concepts that not only bury unwanted results but also enhance a company’s online profile and increase its brand awareness. We do not use filler or spam techniques that risk black-listing from Google and other search engines. We do not use duplicate content or article spinners that are highly unstable shortcuts that risk getting your site banned by Google search results.

Mediasophia prides itself on its integrity and its highly-trained team of professional writers, designers, programmers, and business analysts who keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest Google algorithm changes, business trends in all industries, and other important signs that can provide success to our clients.