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Harmful reviews and propaganda on the Internet have become commonplace in the health and beauty industry. All over the world in progressive International cities, competent and highly skilled dermatologists and skin rejuvenation professionals are being attacked with slanderous postings and harassed on the Internet. Healthgrades, RipOffReport and social media sites have become a forum for the unethical propaganda of competing practices or an anonymous attack from a disgruntled employee, ex spouse or anyone with an “ax to grind”.  The posting of negative reviews and false commentary have caused med spas and dermatology centers severe financial hardships. The cost of a damaged online reputation can not only put a practice our of business, but it can interfere with a doctors ability to to team up with other  established practices in the industry.  Years of education and experience performing skin enhancement and beautification procedures can be ruined.

Fortunately experienced Internet marketing firms that incorporate online reputation management protect med spa professionals from negative reviews, harmful slander and all forms of Internet harassment. Online reputation management will eliminate bad reviews and harmful slander from all searches connected to the practice.

Bad Reviews and Slanderous Posts on Social Media are Damaging

Patient experience and social media networking sends a powerful message to the public. All it takes is one negative review or slanderous facebook post for a viral communication to reek havoc on a practice. As we all know, many people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to beautification procedures. Just because someone enhances their look does not always mean they are going to live happily every after. Sometimes a distraught patient will take out feelings of vulnerability out on the clinic in the form of a negative review on the Internet. This is not only unfair, but it comes at great cost to the professionals that gave them exactly the procedure and look they wanted.  If this type of attack should happen it is important to address it right away.

Take Charge of Your Online Profile and Enhance the Reputation of Your Practice

If a bad review is connected with your name or practice, it will deter patients from scheduling an appointment at your med spa. Online reputation management protects dermatology centers and med spa clinics from false negative reviews while simultaneously enhancing their Internet profile with positive content that accurately reflects success.

Mediasophia online reputation management campaigns include protecting med spas from:

Bad Reviews
Twitter Harassment
Cyber Stalking
Facebook Harassment
Rip Off Reports

It is up to you to take charge of your online reputation. You have a right to highlight your accomplishments and bury harmful slander that would impede on your ability to provide quality skin rejuvenation and beautification procedures to patients. You owe it your practice and the clients you will serve.

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