Slander and Your Reputation

Are you a victim of slander? Is the reputation of your business impacted by harmful post from competitors, disgruntled employees or irrational customers? In today’s world of social media and e-commerce a tainted reputation can cost businesses thousands, even millions of dollars in lost revenues.

Ripoffreport, 800notes, and other attacking websites are examples of the many forums available to competitors and anonymous writes to harm your reputation and impede on the success of your company. Unfortunately the voice of such attackers is very powerful and people whom have been hurt by negative postings suffer revenue loss and have even gone out of business altogether. Unjustly this cyber-bullying or unethical attack on competition to gain leverage is real.

Proven Success

At Mediasophia we know the impact of a damaged reputation can be detrimental to success. We have seen how the slightest conflicts in personality can snowball into disastrous consequences for an entire corporation. We believe that “scam” is hurting many honest and legitimate businesses and we know how to take away the power of attackers. We have a proven record of success in overriding negative content with positive, truthful and honest information that reflects our clients’ true identity. We eliminate the problem, restore our clients’ reputation and ensure the long term success of their business.

ORM and SEO Team

Our team of writers, designers and programmers use reverse SEO, SEO and other organic techniques to eradicate the harmful effects of ‘scam’ and empower our clients with a positive on-line reputation. In cities like Miami, Paris, New York, Fort Lauderdale and other locales, we have experience improving reputations of companies who have been tainted by everyone from competitors to ex-wives.

Our ORM campaigns protect businesses from slander whether it is simply a one-time posting or a continuum onslaught of slanderous posts. At Mediasophia, our experience and knowledge of Google algorithms changes gives us an unbeatable advantage to go to battle for our clients and win. The results of our work eliminates negative content and enhances our clients profile to bring new business and ensure continued success.

Jennifer Fall
Global Marketing Director