Effective online reputation management-

The Internet has many websites created with the initial purpose of helping businesses grow by providing a way for people to communicate about their business experience. Sites like Yelp were intended to create a forum of communication in support of businesses. Ratings and comments were meant to share truthful information about companies to empower the consumer and highlight companies deserving recognition.

Unfortunately many of these websites designed to help business grow have become avenues for the unethical practice of any anonymous person to post false negative reviews and slanderous content. This type of harassment created on notorious sites like Ripoffreport and 800Notes can have a detrimental effect on businesses. Harmful attacking content online has caused many companies to suffer. Google ranks sites like these high and more often than not, postings are the first ranked site immediately below the victim’s primary website. If not replaced, this will cause a dramatic loss of revenues. In fact Ripoffreports have caused thousands of companies to go out of business and file bankruptcy. Negative reviews are a serious matter and need to be immediately addressed. In many cases, business owners try to rectify the problem by posting rebuttal statements that disprove the negative review. This practice is a mistake. Responding to slander, with a comment in favor of your company will only increase the visibility of the negative posting.

If you have become victim of an online attack it is important to hire a marketing firm that is experienced with online reputation management. Only a firm knowledgeable of effective reverse seo techniques will be able to efficiently remove the report from Google drop down menus and bury it far below any searches associated with you name. At Mediasophia we know that when a company’s reputation has been damaged it can have severe consequences. Our online reputation management protects our clients from the harmful effects of negative reviews by developing a positive identity that accurately reflects their success. We guarantee efficient removal of all negative content by replacing it with flattering content that we use to eliminate negative posts far below Google searches.