A Positive Online Identity

Online reputation management ensures your company is represented on the internet as a successful reputable business. Monitoring your profile and maintaining a positive web identity are important components of marketing that should not be overlooked. With so many forums for public opinion and online communication, it is important to protect your business from false negative reviews and online attacks.

No one can provide exceptional service one hundred percent of the time and every company is going to have an unsatisfied customer once in a while. All it takes is for one disappointed customer or a disgruntled employee to post a negative review on any of the numerous websites intended to support business growth, and it can have a detrimental effect on business. Notorious sites including Ripoffreport and 800Notes have become avenues for any malicious anonymous person to damage the reputation of a company and cause serious harm. If there is a bad review listed below your company website, it will have a serious impact on acquiring new business. Even though Ripoffreport posts are known to be mostly untruths, the online audience will immediate dismiss considering doing business with your company when a negative review appears. The reality is that the competition is only a click away and no one is going to take the time to research if there is any truth to the negative review. Potential customers will simply move on to the next listed website whose name is clear.

At Mediasophia, we are experienced at working with individuals and businesses that are attacked regularly online, and because of our work, there is no evidence of negative reviews associated with their name. Our reverse SEO techniques are proven effective and our celebrity clients are grossing over a million dollars each month as a result of our online reputation management. If you want to protect the reputation of your business and develop your online profile, invest with an internet marketing firm that has a portfolio of success.