Develop Your Online Profile

There are many aspects of effective internet marketing that are congruent with each area of industry; however, celebrity marketing requires a unique niche that implements a strong online reputation management (ORM) component. At Mediasophia, our high-profile clients benefit from campaigns that include promoting their success with fan websites, YouTube video content and positive publicity on social media specifically geared to their targeted audiences. Also, our entertainment professionals, being in the public eye, frequently need the implementation of reverse SEO techniques that eliminate the harmful effects of internet propaganda.

As you know, celebrities are regularly the victims of stalking photographers and hate publications. For whatever reason, hot gossip that defames or slanders famous people makes for top news. Society wants to view the dirt on everyone that is in the public eye. At Mediasophia we honor the business relationship and work diligently to protect our clients from false negative online accusations and “dirty laundry”. Our reverse SEO techniques are proven effective in burying unwanted libelous material and eliminating negative results from Google drop-down menus.

When you are ready to create a powerful portfolio of web content that dramatically enhances your online presence, invest with the marketing firm that has a team assigned exclusively to public figure clients. Let Mediasophia ensure your online profile reflects the level of success you want, and maintain that popular status to improve your career.