Google Approved Optimization-

Oh no! Where is the website! Since the implementation of Google Hummingbird, this has been the outcry of many businesses formerly dominating Google search engine results. Businesses that once were ranked on the first page of Google for popular keyword searches have found that the company website is now virtually invisible on the web. The businesses that have been investing in optimization know the value of high visibility as they have been experiencing large returns. Having a website visible to the largest audience ensures the company obtains high traffic volume and in turn a constant influx of new sales. A sudden drop in rankings or worse a Google ban is causing many these such companies a dramatic loss in revenues.

Google Hummingbird is a more sophisticated program that has the ability to detect spam like content, duplications, 404 errors and bad links. In the past some of these black hat techniques managed to slip through the algorithm “radar” but the new programing is is quickly catching this content and punishing its use with a drop in rankings and even worse an outright ban from search engines. The businesses impacted by this are finding that consumers are no longer visiting their site and they are losing high percentage of revenues. This situation demands action and fortunately there is a solution.

For years now, our firm has been implementing proven effective Google approved SEO techniques that earn clients top rankings on Google and a constant influx of customers. Its organic optimization strategies are recognized by Hummingbird as legitimate and as a result our clients are dominating first place rankings for popular keyword searches. If you have found a sudden loss in rankings contact a professional marketing firm experienced with Hummingbird programming to rescue your website and quickly restore its visibility on the web.