Effective ORM-

A company identity is defined by the products or services they provide, their client or consumer base, the values they uphold and the standards by which they conduct business. This corporate image is represented to the public through advertising and in today’s market it takes place mostly on the internet.

A corporate image is a powerful message being delivered and online reputation management is an essential component to web presence. A company profile is created through the implementation of a website, its ranking for keyword searches and all other content posted online. A company name listed on a directory, represented on blogs, in press releases, through social media accounts and video segments. This presence online establishes a business reputation. In today’s e-commerce market it is important to maintain a positive profile that accurately reflects success for search engine optimization purposes and reputation management.

The internet has many forums to post reviews and represent businesses. Unfortunately sites designed in theory to support the consumer have become in many cases forums for slanderous attacks and malicious intentions of the competition. Sites like Ripoffreport and 800Notes are notorious for posting harmful slander. These websites that are mostly negative untruths are unfortunately ranked high by Google. When a business has been attacked on these sites the results usually appear immediately below the company website that is being attacked. What this means for the victim is big trouble.

Companies that have a negative review associated with their name will experience severe revenue impacting consequences. When an online viewer sees a negative review they will immediately dismiss your company and move down to the next listed website. Thousands of businesses have fallen victim to this type of cyber bulling and no company is immune. Unless the negative content is removed or buried far below search engine results, you will lose business to the competition. This is why the report was posted.

At Mediasophia we create a sophisticated web of interlinked sites that develop your online presence and protect your company from propaganda and negative reviews. We are experienced with all aspects of reputation management that eliminate the harmful effects of negative reviews and remove ‘scam’ from Google drop down menus. Our work protects the reputation of our clients while simultaneously enhancing their corporate brand.

If your company has a negative posting on any of the numerous sites such as Ripoffreport, 800Notes, Yelp or even Facebook, it is important to eliminate this propaganda by replacing it with flattering content that reveals the true identity of your business. Our reverse search engine optimization is proven effective and our track record reveals no evidence of negative reviews even for our clients who are regularly attacked.  When you are ready to be in control of your success look to the marketing firm that protects their clients and ensures a positive profile is represented on page one of Google for all important industry searches.