Online Reputation Management-

Internet Marketing is an important component of running a successful substance abuse treatment center. The struggle with alcohol and drug dependency is a complex problem and unfortunately not everyone is able to free themselves from the binds of addiction. When individuals go through treatment but fail to resist the obsession to use, they can become defeated and resentful and often take out anger in the form of a hostile online attack. This behavior is common in the industry because until a person is ready to do what it takes to make a life change, the addict will find someone to blame for personal shortcomings.

In order to reach the maximum number of clients and provide successful treatment to those that are ready to commit to a better life, it is critical to keep false negative reviews from servicing on the web. Mediasophia implements online reputation management as part of marketing recovery centers to protect clients from false negative reviews. Mediasopohia’s ORM team eliminates harmful slander on sites like Ripoff Report from Google searches to ensure the online profile of its clients reflects success.  Its web design Palm Beach formats support optimization and its team of SEO professionals achieve top rankings for multiple keyword searches.

When you are ready to stand out among the sea of competitors on the web, contact Mediasophia. We create an Internet marketing campaign that is within your budget and guarantees a dramatic increase in program enrollment!