A positive profile-

Having a positive online profile and a strong internet presence has become an essential component for business success. Successful companies in every industry have a sophisticated website that is optimized for keyword searches on Google as well as a complex web of secondary content that represents their company as a leading business in their market sector.

In today’s word of social media websites and instant communicating, it is important to develop the reputation of your business and protect your company from negative reviews and harmful slanderous comments. The internet is full of forums to share experiences and talk about companies and small businesses. The problem is that unethical competitors and dishonest people use these websites as a way to post propaganda, attack and harm the competition for self gain. It is appalling how common it is for individuals to use this method of slander to settle a score or obtain leverage over a business that is doing well. 

One of the websites notorious for this type of attack is Ripoffreport. Even though people recognize that this site is full of mostly untruths and false reviews, if a Ripoffreport should surface on a Google search associated with your company name, it will severely impede on obtaining new business. The competition is only a click away and potential clients are always going to take the “better safe than sorry” approach in decision making. As a result of these negative reviews, the companies with a tainted reputation have lost millions of dollars in revenue and in many cases have gone out of business. This type of hostile online attack is referred to as “scam” and it is hurting many honest and ethical companies.

At Mediasophia we protect our clients from online content that could damage their reputation. We have experience overriding negative postings with honest information that accurately reflects our clients’ true identity and positively builds their internet profile. We have become experts in the field of reverse SEO and even our clients that are attacked on a regular basis have no evidence of negative postings surfacing anywhere near their company name. Our online reputation management techniques are proven effective and our clients are represented as leading businesses in their market sector.

When you are ready to eliminate false negative reviews or eliminate internet propaganda about your company, look to the firm that removes “scam” from Google drop down menus and empowers clients with clean first page results on Google in international competitive cities.