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Running a recovery center takes dedication and a commitment to success. Making sure that clinical staff, therapists and administrative personal are in positions where they excel and ensuring clients receive the support they need is a full time responsibility. And even the programs that have a highly trained staff of professionals cant promise residents a full recovery. What clients get out of a treatment program varies significantly because individual effort within the program is essentially up to the person enrolled.

Even the most highly rated treatment programs with a large percentage of success stories, run into difficult situations involving disgruntled clients and disappointed family members. There is always going to be some clients that are not ready to embrace recovery and the work it takes to make a positive lifestyle change. What treatment center directors need to be careful of is how those unhappy folks express their disappointment. In today’s system of online communications, all it takes is one unhappy resident to post a slanderous comment on social media or create a negative review on the Internet for patient intake numbers to suffer. This type of propaganda can easily go viral and seriously damage the reputation of a respected recovery center.

Fortunately at Mediasophia we have experiencing removing harmful postings on sites like Twitter and have proven effect techniques that bury ripoffreports far below keyword searches connected with our clients names.  If you find your treatment center has fallen victim to an online attack, give Mediasophia a call. Our team of online reputation management team will eliminate the harmful effects of Internet propaganda and promote your recovery center with positive reviews, flattering content and web design Palm Beach style!