Mediasophia president George Magalios is hosting a lecture at the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches as part of the Knowledge Series. The lecture, Elegant Online Reputation Management for Businesses; How To Turn Bad Reviews and Slander To Your Advantage, is designed to help businesses protect themselves from any type of damaging content on the web.

In today’s society of social media networking and viral communications it is imperative businesses address slander and defaming content should it appear right away. One tweet, one facebook post or a Youtube clip can attract the interest of viewers and reach millions of customers in an instant.

Those in attendance at the lecture will learn how negative online content can be the impetus for a comprehensive campaign that results in new business using techniques with high rates of return on investment. The talk will include examples of professionals in diverse industries who are succeeding online and those who are failing. This talk will demonstrate how businesses can insulate against damaging press, protect the reputation that took years of providing service to earn and ensure positive profiles on the Internet. Register for the lecture here.