Mediasophia Eliminates Libelous Content

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Online Defamation is the posting of statements and libelous content about a person that causes harm. Slanderous content on sites like Facebook or bad reviews on Yelp and Healthgrades are a form of printed medium which is libel defamation. In today’s e-commerce system, Internet propaganda can cause¬† business severe hardship. Viral communication and the unethical defamatory postings on review sites has a profound influence on the viewing audience. The public is highly influenced by consumer opinion and false accusations and negative reviews have caused companies to go bankrupt. The ability to reach audiences and obtain new customers can be drastically effected by social media slander.

Protect the Reputation You Worked Years to Establish41514yelp

Although legal action can hold perpetrators accountable for libelous online content, even a conviction will not protect a business from a damaged reputation. For this reason it is important to implement online reputation management to monitor your business profile and protect your company from Internet propaganda.

Mediasophia online reputation management campaigns eliminate all unwanted content from Google searches. Our clients are protected from defaming posts and false negative reviews. Simultaneously our work creates positive content that accurately reflects our clients success to develop a powerful Internet presence that earns the trust of audiences and converts viewers into customers.