Components of Effective Marketing

Search engine optimization and online reputation management are the primary components of advertising for today’s global market. The level of sophistication of a corporate website in combination with its search engine ranking will determine whether or not a business is going to succeed.

In nearly every industry, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses represented on the internet. Whether you are providing a product or service exclusively on the web, or you are mostly using your website as a way to attract customers to your place of business, the components of design and your site’s visibility on the internet are critical to success. Without a powerful internet presence, your business will not be able to compete with those companies listed on the first page for important Google searches.

The market is saturated with a large number of companies all competing for top search engine results. The top-ranked businesses with sophisticated and contemporary websites are earning seventy-five percent of market shares. Successful business owners realize that when prospective clients or customers are looking for a service or product, their first impression of a company is often obtained by viewing their website. The online audience will open the first few websites listed for their keyword search and make their selection based on how well they are impressed by the website. Sometimes decision are made based on the components of design that subconsciously appeal to the viewer, and other times it is a combination of written content and navigability. Either way, it is imperative to have components that successfully entice the viewers in order to hold their attention and convince them that your business is the prefered choice. An outdated website or one poorly designed will do more harm than good. If the online audience is not immediately impressed, in a matter of seconds they will move on to the next listed site.

At Mediasophia, we design campaigns relative to our clients’ direct competition. We create campaigns that represent our clients as leading businesses in their market sector. Our websites are contemporary, sophisticated and reflective of current market trends. When you are ready to represent your business with a new website that is ranked on the first page of Google, select the marking firm with a proven record of top-ranked clients in progressive cities. Our work guarantees first page rankings and we do not require a contract. Instead we work month-to-month, and our clients quickly discover they are dominating search engine results.