Starting Your Own Successful Business

Mediasophia President, George Magalios is teaching a five part course at the West Palm Beach Library to support education and give back to the community. The class, “Starting Your Own Successful Business” is designed to support the local community by empowering residents with the basic information needed to start a business.

The free class addresses entrepreneurship as a way to become independent and successful. The course covers creating a business plan, filing as a corporation, hiring staff and growing wisely. Guest speakers are invited from local businesses to share their experience and recent lectures included ensuring long-term prosperity, how to earn profit from day one and learning from the competition. One full class is dedicated to marketing strategies and the impact an Internet marketing campaign has on a new business.

George Magalios, a former University professor with a Masters in Fine Art and Philosophy takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge of business with students. He finds reward in teaching and enjoy helping others to become successful. The course has been exceptionally well-received. Mr. Magalios will be offering the class again this fall in effort to continue to give back to the community. The announcement can be found at