Elite Web Presence-

Much of today’s economy exists on the web and for this reason a cosmetic surgeon’s online presence is essential to success. In today’s market people are turning to their computers to research procedures available, performing surgeons and the med spa clinics in their area. Whether potential patients are looking into breast augmentation and advanced body contouring or simple Botox injections and skin rejuvenation procedures, the internet is where they are finding information and learning about what is available.

Cosmetic surgery can be a multimillion dollar industry, but not every surgeon is earning high revenues. How a practice is represented on the internet will determine its level of success. The practices that invest in custom organic SEO campaigns that maintain top visibility for important Google searches earn a large percent of market shares. In competitive cities like New York and Miami, high percentages amount to a constant influx of new patients.

At Mediasophia, our Internet marketing campaigns include state of the art web design, online reputation management and search engine optimization. Each plan is individually catered to meet the needs of individual clients. Our cosmetic surgeons that invest in a goal driven campaign with a strong start quickly dominate search engine results in their respective cities. Other clients choose a more frugal approach and increase their campaigns as their patient base grows.

Whichever approach our clients choose, our team will devise a marketing campaign that can include e-flyers, email marketing, search engine optimization, web design, blog writing, social media networking, video marketing and viral communication. By integrating these components of advertising we create an effective campaign that elevates our clients above their competition to bring them immediate revenue increasing results.

At Mediasophia we represent our clients as the elite cosmetic surgeons in their metropolitan area. Our state of the art web designs are optimized for first page rankings on Google and our SEO techniques are proven effective in international competitive cites.