Vote for Mediasophia –

Mediasophia is excited about the opportunity to become beneficiary of the Chase Main Street Mission Grant. The grant will empower us to extend our service to customers and compete with the larger companies that dominate the market and provide an inferior product. If we achieve winning the grant we will be able to continuing to provide exceptional customer service and a superior product to more clients as well as increase our pro-bono outreach program to the non-profit companies we support. Our web design Palm Beach sites are state of the art and our clients are maintaining the highest visibility on the web for popular keyword searches. 

Mediasophia intends to use a portion of the Chase grant to expand its research teams that identify Google algorithm patterns to ensure clients that are just starting out with a brand new website, have the same ability to dominate searches in a given market as do those that have been in first place.

To vote for Mediasophia, go to and simply Click “Vote!”.

A vote for Mediasophia means providing more pro-bono services to non-profit organizations in the communities we serve and expanding its scholarship fund in support of education.  When you Vote for Mediasophia you will be directly contributing to the local economy by supporting wage increases for our staff and a variety of charitable work the company supports.