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What is Internet Marketing?

Mediasophia is one of the world’s first holistic internet marketing firms that focuses on an organic multimedia strategies for online presence building and search engine domination. Internet marketing is a new phenomenon in our world. Only ten years ago the phrase did not exist. Today, marketing for e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar proposition,  much of our economy exists solely on the Web and the most successful companies online are the ones that invest the most and invest wisely in custom organic SEO campaigns and expanding their online presence. Our research has shown that in nearly all industries only 1-5 companies control approximately 75% of the market share.

Results-Oriented Investments

Internet market is a term that loosely includes e-flyers, email marketing, search engine optimization, web design, blog writing, social media networking, and video marketing. Mediasophia creates custom campaigns integrating each of these types of content. Our SEO campaigns integrate the totality of a client’s identity in order to separate their site from the competition. While most marketing firms focus solely on the technical side of marketing Mediasophia works to fuse the disparate elements of your online presence into a cohesive and successful whole with a results-oriented long-term approach that not only achieves top rankings in relevant keywords but also keeps them.

Multiple First Page Rankings

One of the ways we differ from other marketing companies is our unique approach to understanding the intricacies of a given industry and market. Before we begin any marketing campaign our research and development team engages in field studies that accumulate data from social media sites, video sites, blogs and websites. This data is then analyzed for keyword tendencies, aesthetic patterns and market tastes. We then extrapolate our findings and integrate them into the foundation of all aspects of our work, from new website designs to custom blog domain names for the strongest keywords. The result is a search engine presence that takes multiple positions on the first pages of keywords in any industry. We have many clients with multiple first page websites for the toughest keywords in their market thanks to this approach. Their success is our success.


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We Give 100% of Our Attention to You! Our Clients Are Never Just A Number!

Search Engine Marketing!

Our Search Engine Optimization Plans are effective and fast! We get high quality traffic and leads to your site from day one! We utilize Google-Certified methods that last and prevent your website from getting blacklisted by search engines.

Custom Web Design!

Our Websites are gorgeous and effective at attracting new traffic and leads. Each of our custom-buildt websites is pre-optimized with state-of-the-art designs that start working for you as soon as they are live! See your traffic grow with our built-in web stats!

Reputation Management!

We remove bad reviews and negative results associated with your company’s name from search results with proven techniques that build up your online presence. No need to worry about bad reviews, arrest records, slander or compromising photos anymore!

Social Media Marketing!

Our social media marketing takes your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus accounts to new heights with more followers and more genuine leads directed to your website. We turn your accounts into hotbeds of traffic!

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