The Market Advantage

Okay everyone. You are convinced that the economic slump is real and that the word recession isn’t just an excuse for those unable to make the revenues they grew accustomed to. So, let’s look at it from a proactive perspective. In other words, what can we do to make improvements? We have all heard it takes money to make money. Well there is truth to this statement and I am not just referring to the rich get richer. I am talking about investing on any level. If you want to be successful in business you have to invest in marketing.There are hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide in competition with one another. E-commerce has created a system that has leveled the playing field for most every business. If you want your company represented as a leader in the industry, you create a sophisticated website that reflects current industry trends and you optimize it for multiple keyword searches. You hire a marketing company to increase your online visibility, enhance your profile and align your business with the industry elite. That is the formula for success.

So why are some of you skeptical about investing? I believe it is because you have been burned. You have invested in marketing firms that made false promises and took your money without bringing you results. Am I right?  This has happen to you in either of two ways. You paid high cost to an unethical firm that just didn’t do the work required to get results. Or you paid little money to an inexperienced individual unaware of the intricacies involved with successful internet marketing.  Knowledge of algorithms, keyword tendencies, aesthetic patterns and market tastes comes with experience.  A graduate school intern or freelance worker overseas in India are not going to have the search engine optimization experience or lingual understanding needed to bring you the results you want. And a cousin or brother in law, “helping you out” does not have the time it takes to efficiently bring you the results you need.

IF you are ready for success and you are committed to doing what it takes to bring your business to the next level it is time to invest. At Mediasophia we guarantee first page rankings for multiple keywords and we align your company with the competitive elite. We increase your online visibility with professional level content and we ensure your company is represented as a leader. In cities like Miami where the competition is steep, our SEO campaigns have our clients dominating the market in their industry. Our New York accounts are on the first pages of Google for keywords that thousands of businesses are competing for. When working with Mediasophia you can trust that we honor our business relationships, we treat our clients like family and we do what it takes to develop long-term successful partnerships.