A Profile for Success-

Has your business been impacted by false negative reviews or slanderous postings on the web? Are you discouraged because you are not making the revenues you are accustomed to? Are you fearful of continuing repercussions of a damaged reputation? If so, what are you doing about it? You do not have to accept the current status of your online profile. You can take charge of your success by investing in an internet marketing plan that includes online reputation management.

The Internet has many websites created with the purpose of helping businesses grow by providing a way for people to communicate about their business experience. Sites like Yelp were intended to create a forum of communication in support of businesses. Ratings and comments were meant to share truthful information about companies to empower the consumer and highlight businesses deserving recognition.

Although the initial intent of these web forums was to give recognition to the companies providing exceptional products and service, they have become avenues for any anonymous person to slander the competition. If there is a false negative review posted on any notorious attacking site including Ripoffreport or 800Notes it will have a serious impact on the success of your business. Even though these sites are known to be mostly untruths, Google ranks them high and more likely than not a bad review will be ranked directly under the victim’s website.  It is a terrible infraction that is causing hundreds of businesses to lose revenue and even go out of business all together.

No one is immune to this type of cyber bullying. Negative reviews on the internet are a serious matter that needs to be immediately addressed. In many cases, business owners post rebuttal statements that disprove the negative review, but this practice is a mistake. Responding to slanderous content only increases the visibility of the posting.

If your business has been attacked online, it is important to hire a marketing firm that is experienced with online reputation management. Only a firm knowledgeable of effective reverse seo techniques will be able to replace the negative review with content that is flattering and reflects the true identity of your business. At Mediasophia we are experienced in efficiently removing negative postings from Google drop down menus and burying ripoffreports far below any searches associated with you name. A damaged reputation can have severe consequences. At Mediasophia we develop a positive reputation for our clients and protect their business from false negative reviews.

If you want the public to view online content that accurately reflects your level of success, it is very important to invest in an internet marketing plan that includes online reputation management. This component of marketing in combination with organic search engine optimization will bring immediate and long term success.