Representation on the Internet-

For professional athletes, retirement often means making more money. The sports icons that made good decisions following retirement have earned millions of dollars more than when they were playing ball. Internet public relations and reputation management service for retired sports professionals will influence popularity and help present opportunity. The pro players that continue careers in the spotlight are leading foundations, soliciting new endorsements and maximizing earning potential.

Retired athletes continue careers by staying in the limelight, networking with business professionals and developing new business relationships. Take for example Oscar De La Hoya. He worth around one hundred and seventy five million dollars and is running the Golden Boy Promotions Company. Mediasophia’s Internet PR and reputation management service is providing retired sports industry professionals with the online presence needed to develop post playing careers and increase revenues.

Retired athletes that want to become business professionals maintain a high profile and reputation of power and achievement. The players that invest in Internet public relations with web design Palm Beach and organic SEO position themselves for unique opportunities and maximize earning potential.