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George A. Magalios



Holistic Vision

George Magalios, the President of Mediasophia, was born in Montreal and has lived in San Francisco, New York, Pittsburgh, and Paris. His life and professional experiences in these cities has provided him with a rare perspective on business, technological and cultural trends. His professional experiences include a Creative Director position for a major marketing firm in South Florida, an Adjunct Professor position at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon, and a writer position for one of the Internet’s first online search engines, Magellan (later

Mediasophia was founded as a unique endeavor based on the principles of integrity, wisdom, and achievement .

With his background as a technology theorist Mr. Magalios has created many unique partnerships with specialists on the Web and beyond. These includes affiliations with publishers, Google Engineers, multimedia producers, and other professionals. These experiences and relationships make Mediasophia a rare and truly powerful force in the branding and marketing industries.

Multi-Disciplinary Formation

Mr. Magalios is also a contemporary culture critic who writes about fine art, film, and politics.  This background in visual culture and theory provides constant nourishment for the foundation of Mediasophia’s branding and marketing visions.

Mr. Magalios graduated with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from San Francisco State University and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

He speaks three languages and travels extensively in his research as a theorist and entrepreneur. His studies in philosophy continue to guide his conception of Mediasophia based on the ideals, virtues and interdisciplinarity of Ancient Greek thought.

Creative Perspectives

Mr. Magalios conceives of Mediasophia as a fusion of artistic, intellectual and entrepreneurial perspectives.

Mr. Magalios travels regularly and gives talks on contemporary art, marketing technologies and political theory.

He is also an educator and President of  Palm Beach Chapter (18) of the American Hellenic Progressive Education Association, a non-profit organization devoted to philanthropy and educational causes. Mr. Magalios speaks Greek, French and English. He explores hobbies as diverse as  painting, photography, and cultural theory.

Lessons, 2003, Marker & Pencil on Paper

This is a drawing from one of my sketchbooks I developed when I had just graduated from Carnegie Mellon. I love drawing and I get constant inspiration from various sources: people dancing, movement, odd colors, and more. Drawing is a great meditative exercise for me.

-George Magalios

Passions & Inspirations


I have a second life as a contemporary artist. I find spiritual and intellectual fulfillment, not to mention tranquility when I am creating. My work includes painting, photography and sculpture.


I am an avid music lover and vinyl collector. I own over 2,000 records and I spend way too much money on my musical interests. My favorite bands are The Church, Led Zeppelin, Tindersticks, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Joy Division.


I love films from all eras. I am crazy about the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, Terrence Malick, Michael Mann and Stanley Kubrick. My favorite films are The Thin Red Line, North by Northwest, Collateral and 2001: A Space Odyssey.


I love baseball. I played the game from the age of 7 to 18 and I remain a crazy fan to this day. My favorite team is the San Francisco Giants. I adopted them during my years living in the great city by the bay.

Something Crazy





In 2013 I traveled from West Palm Beach to San Francisco and back on my motorcycle!



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