George Magalios

George Magalios


George Magalios, the President of the company, founded Mediasophia based on his vision of an ethical multidisciplinary business that offered a rare level of excellence and accountability in the Marketing industry.

Mediasophia was founded as a fusion of three symbiotic elements of Mr. Magalios’s formation: fine art, philosophy and entrepreneurship. With his background as a visual artist, philosopher, and cultural analyst, Mr. Magalios integrates his experiences and expertise into Mediasophia‘s campaigns. Mr. Magalios has worked with the Web since 1995,  before it converted into a graphical user interface.

Multi-Disciplinary Formation

George Magalios, President of MediasophiaHis research into online business trends continues on a regular basis. He is also a contemporary culture critic who writes about fine art, film, and politics.  Mr. Magalios graduated with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from San Francisco State University and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He speaks three languages and travels extensively in his research as a theorist and entrepreneur. His studies in philosophy continue and have lead to his conception of Mediasophia based on the ideals and the interdisciplinarity of Ancient Greek thought.

Long-Term Vision

Mr. Magalios conceives of Mediasophia as a fusion of artistic, intellectual and entrepreneurial perspectives that join together to provide a new model for American and international businesses.  While most marketing firms are oriented toward the technical side of their craft, Mediasophia begins with the idea that quality writing and integrated understandings of empirical search engine tendencies provide long-term success that is less susceptible to the changing dynamics of algorithms and Internet trends and more enduring in the long-term. Mr. Magalios travels regularly and gives talks on internet developments and the basics of online reputation management. He is also a board member of the Hellenic Development Group and an officer of the Palm Beach Chapter (18) of the American Hellenic Progressive Education Association, a non-profit organization devoted to the advocacy of Hellenic culture.

Mr. Magalios speaks Greek, French and English. He explores hobbies as diverse as  painting, photography, and cultural theory. You can read Mr. Magalios’s Internet Marketing blog, Google Balm, here.