The Mediasophia Family






We Are A Family

The Mediasophia family is made up of professionals who are writers, designers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and artists from many walks of life , who are committed to their professions.

We work together in a nurturing culture that values all aspects of our individual humanity, creativity and intellectual diversity.

A Culture of Success

Mediasophia nurtures a culture of cooperation and mutual success among its staff.

Since all of our work is done in our offices we build a sense of unity and achievement among our professionals. We work in a collaborative, supportive, and creatively demanding environment where each family member is a contributor to our campaigns.


George Magalios


Hank Epton

Campaign Manager

Rhonny Tufino

Graphic Designer

Brittany Curtis

Tactical Writer

Leonardo Farinas

Web Developer

Alyssa Feller


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