The Mediasophia Family






We Are A Family

The Mediasophia family is made up of professionals who are writers, designers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and artists from many walks of life , who are committed to their professions.

We work together in a nurturing culture that values all aspects of our individual humanity, creativity and intellectual diversity.

A Culture of Success

Mediasophia nurtures a culture of cooperation and mutual success among its staff.

Since all of our work is done in our offices we build a sense of unity and achievement among our professionals. We work in a collaborative, supportive, and creatively demanding environment where each family member is a contributor to our campaigns.


George Magalios


Kira Smith

Brand Ambassador

Rhonny Tufino

Graphic Designer



Caitlin Carnes

Content Engineer

Alyssa Fraser

Communications Engineer

Alyssa Feller

Tactical Writer



Brittany Curtis

Tactical Writer

Leonardo Farinas

Web Developer

Josh Lamothe

Web Deployment Director



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