Mutual Success

The Mediasophia family is made up of professionals who are writers, designers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and artists from many walks of life , who are committed to their professions. Our family is exceptionally experienced, speaks many languages, possesses many degrees, and brings a wealth of expertise to each campaign.

Mediasophia nurtures a culture of cooperation and mutual success among its staff. Since all of our work is done in our offices we build a sense of unity and achievement among our professionals. In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive atmosphere of globalization and rapidly shifting market trends it is essential that everyone on our team understands their role in the company’s success.

Investing in Human Capital

We create this mutual understanding through regular meetings that emphasize integration and a broad outlook on our very specialized tasks. Our writers work with our designers to ensure optimal design elements are fused with SEO elements. Our family members devote much of their time to philanthropic causes and creative endeavors outside work. As part of its commitment to these values of helping others Mediasophia provides a paid day off every year for our family members to volunteer in their charitable causes. Investing in human capital is both good business and part of the Mediasophia way.

Loyalty and Sophia

Our greatest asset as a company is our family. The Mediasophia family exemplifies the values we embody as a company by conducting themselves in a professional manner with everything they do and by always looking for success in their work and never taking the easy way out. Each family member signs The Articles of Sophia (Articles of Wisdom) upon joining the company. These Articles are a social and professional contract between ownership and each staff member that outlines the expectations and values of both parties. One of the core values stipulated in this contract is the sharing of profits with every family member, just one of the ways we build a sense of loyalty and invest in our future.

Because we are made up of extraordinary talented, disciplined and dedicated professionals, Mediasophia offers a rich commitment to success to each of our clients. Our greatest asset is our family. To learn more about our family members click on the names below.

George Magalios, President

Jennifer Fall, Marketing Director

Jason Irsay, Chief Content Engineer

Hank Epton, Content Engineer

Leonardo Farinas, Design Director