Top Search Engine Results-

The primary focus of advertising in the health and beauty industry is internet marketing. Sophisticated web design, online reputation management and organic search engine optimization are the foundation for establishing the long term success of any business in the health and beauty industry. Whether you are a cosmetic surgeon providing breast augmentation and advanced body contouring procedures or a med spa that specializes in laser skin rejuvenation, collagen injections and Botox, your online presence is an essential component of success.

In order for a business to reach clients, seduce an interest and earn the trust of the viewing audience, they must be represented online with a strong profile that reflects current market trends, professionalism and state of the art practices.  Health and beauty is an image based industry. In order to appeal to contemporary society it is essential that businesses in this industry have a sophisticated website that visually pleasing and implements components of design that allure, seduce and captivate the audience. Images of gorgeous figures, beautiful faces with luscious lips, flawless skin and happy smiles or seductive expressions will immediate grab the attention of viewers and hold their interest.

In the health and beauty industry, the competition is steep. Med spa clinics and cosmetic surgery practices are in abundance and simply having a website is not enough. In order to rise about the competition and align your business with the industry elite, you must invest in an internet marketing campaign.  Implementing search engine optimization will ensure your practice is getting exposure to the largest audience and online reputation management will develop a positive identity for your practice to earn credibility and bring you a constant influx of new patients. 

At Mediasophia we create custom internet marketing campaigns that represent our clients as leading businesses in their metropolitan area. We guarantee first page rankings on Google for multiple keyword searches and our clients are dominating search engine results for the important industry keywords. Are you ready to reach the largest audience and dramatically increase your patient base? At Mediasophia, we do not charge start up fees and we do not require a contract. Instead we work month to month bringing you revenue increasing results!