The exceptional work of visionary artist Derrick Adams is now on display at the California African American Museum. Adams is based in New York, and Derrick Adams: Network, is his first exhibit to be showcased in southern California. His exhibition, Derrick Adams: Network, strives to emphasize the influence of media and television on our culture. Known for his challenging work with video, this exhibit features performance, collage, and much more in order to fully communicate the social message to its audience. In this social commentary about our culture as a whole, Adams includes recognizable public figures such as Oprah Winfrey and O.J. Simpson, in order to form connections in the minds of his audience. Images appear in the exhibit that represent our culture’s past, such as popular African American T.V. shows. He also uses his work to comment on the relevant issues of consumerism and capitalism in our modern society, by pointing out the strong presence of media and its role in our world. This exhibit is sure to be both intellectually stimulating and entertaining. The exhibit runs until June 11th, 2017. For more information visit the museum’s website: