Cyber Stalking Reputation Management for Doctors

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.22.29 AMDefining Cyber Stalking the Malicious form of Harassment

Mediasophia online reputation management for doctors protects clients from Cyber-Stalking. Cyber-stalking is a term used to describe the online harassment of an indavidual, group or business. In our age of social media, viral communication and instant response, social blackmail, fictitious slander, cyber bullying and digital defamation is bringing about misery and stress for thousands of victims. Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.18.21 AMAlthough harassment is nothing new, due to the nature of the web, and the smart phone, internet propaganda has become for many people unbearable. It is a continuum form of harassment that for most perpetrators, suffer no repercussion due to the anonymity of the web.

False accusations, impersonation, defamation and slander are being used to threaten, harass, intimidate and control people and many doctors have fallen victim to this type of abuse. Cyber-stalking is a problem effecting millions of people and physicians, cosmetic surgeons and doctors in all areas of specialization are suffering damaged reputations, loss of friendships, partnerships, patients and revenue. People are using the internet to manipulate girlfriends, boyfriends, ex-lovers, former employers, competing practices and anyone they want to cause harm through online propaganda, blogging and social media harassment.

Cyber-Stalking is not only cruel and detrimental to the success of a practice, but it is criminal. Unfortunately the Internet has created a forum for anonymity and therefore the perpetrators get away with it. Sometimes victims are not even aware of who the attacker is. Postings are frequently anonymous and the assailant experiences no repercussions. False information and slanderous attacks on sites like Facebook and Twitter spread viral in an instant to friends, family and business associates to defame victims and cause misery. Police reports, profile photos and press releases, Rip Off Reports, Yelp reviews, and hundreds of medium are being used to cause harm. There are many scenarios that encompass Cyber-Stalking.

Cyber-Stalking is a Serious Problem Affecting Millions

Cyber-stalking and online harassment has ruined too many lives. People have suffered severe emotional trauma, relationships have been ruined and the loss of revenue from a damaged reputation has cause many competent physicians to close their practice and file bankruptcy.

The Solution to the Cyber Stalking Problem

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.20.43 AMInternet marketing companies experienced with online reputation management eliminate negative content from Google searches associated with the victims of Cyber Stalking. Mediasophia’s qualified Internet marketing experts remove propaganda from Google searches through the implementation of reverse SEO techniques that bury content far below the eye of the public and replace stalker postings with positive content that accurately reflects the client’s desired image.

Physicians can hire marketing firms to stop the harassment, take charge of their online reputation, remove unwanted content from the web and protect their practice from propaganda.

Mediasophia implements proven-effective reputation management marketing strategies to protect clients from cyber-stalking and Internet propaganda. Our experience working with doctors and physicians in all field of practice that are attacked regularly has made us experts in eliminating ugly posts from Google searches and replacing them with positive content that reflects our clients’ true identities.