mediasophia branding and logo design

Simplicity and Elegance

The most successful brands and logos are always the simplest. The most common mistake people make in design when it comes to creating a new look for their company is over-thinking and over-designing. There is a big difference between sophistication and visual incoherence when it comes to logos and brands. When you think of the most powerful brands in the popular consciousness (Apple Computers, Coca-Cola, and Facebook), you will see that they all share remarkably simple and effortless designs and color schemes that carry tremendous semiotic and visual power.

Branding and Marketing Integration

Mediasophia creates logos and branding campaigns with this philosophy of simple, yet powerful elegance in mind. Our experience of being on the web since the beginning of the graphic user interface online has shown us that the most effective branding presence begins with a single identity. This identity is built on a single powerful notion that is communicated efficiently by a logo, color schemes, and web design elements that work symbiotically for a larger purpose.

We utilize every aspect of our clients’ identities once we undertake an SEO or Online Reputation  Management campaign. We believe in enhancement and brand awareness in an organic way. This belief is typified by our custom writing that is market-researched for any given industry and by our holistic approach to branding and logo design.

Symbiotic Elements

Branding is more than just logos and color schemes. A great brand represents a complete identity, with the values and ambitions of a company. The most successful branding campaigns exhibit an essence and a character for their companies that distinguishes them from their competitors. Mediasophia believes that consistency in identity is a major factor. When a company continuously changes its message it is hard for it to be recognized and to create continuity in the minds and eyes of its target market. Most companies create brands and logos based on pre-conceived precedents about a particular industry. While market research and industry knowledge are important, Mediasophia believes that originality is paramount for a lasting identity in the hyper-busy world of our visual sphere.

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