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Alyssa Fraser

Communications Engineer



Conduit For New Clientele

Alyssa, Fraser, a Communications Engineer, serves as conduit between new technology trends and our clients. Specializing in database acquisitions and compilation, Ms. Fraser researches new target industries for Mediasophia services.

Her hobbies are many and include laying the piano, attending concerts, volunteering, traveling and enjoying an exquisite cup of coffee. Ms. Fraser is also studying Public Relations and Political Science at Palm Beach Atlantic University.


Passions & Inspirations


One of my favorite past times involves finding unique and hidden coffee shops, this also helps to feed my caffeine obsession.


I have a passion for traveling and adventure, my goal in life is to see and learn as much of the world as I can.


My interest in music has stemmed from my years of dance and piano training, and has developed into a love for concerts and music festivals. I love discovering new bands and concerts.


Nonprofit organizations are dear to my heart, and I have worked and travelled to different countries with several nonprofits; I have gone to Jamaica twice on a relief and development trip.

Something Crazy








I have gone swimming with sharks on a volunteer work trip in Belize. I jumped off the boat and it was such an adrenaline rush to see the sharks down below.

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