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Dedicated to Your Success

Mediasophia is unique among consulting and marketing firms because of our commitment to excellence and ethical success. We breathe our motto “Ethical Media Solutions for Both Sides of the Brain” into everything we do because we believe greatness begins with dedication and vision.

Our Elite Clientele

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Mediasophia is a unique boutique firm that only takes on elite clientele across the world. Past and current clients include television programs hosted by such celebrities as Martin Sheen, Terry Bradshaw, Joan Lunden, Larry King and Marilu Henner. Our clients include industry leaders in the Law profession, Film and Television, Healthcare, Beauty, and many other fields.

We are unlike most agencies in that we only work with businesses and individuals who have already achieved a measure of success.

Our name is derived from the fusion of two traditions: the American business of media marketing and the Greek notion of “sophia” or wisdom. As such it is a reflection of our values: pragmatism with integrity. Every SEO, ORM, Design and Consulting project we undertake is designed for a long-term partnership that builds exponential growth for our clients. We believe that every relationship is more than just the sum of its parts and our business philosophy reflects this.

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Online Reputation Management

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Unique Among Online Reputation Management Companies

We cleanse tainted reputations for both individuals and companies with proven organic strategies that replace negative content with quality videos, blogs, and press releases that enhance your business and clear your good name!

We Restore Your Good Name Online! Guaranteed!

We are unique among online reputation management companies because we provide fast success and provide leads to your business in the process! online reputation managementA damaged reputation can cost millions of dollars in sales for businesses and individuals! A bad online reputation can hurt your personal life! We can help! Our organic online reputation management campaigns replace negative reviews and libelous and damaging content with positive marketing and branding content that enhances your or your company’s online reputation. Mediasophia is one of the premier online reputation management companies in the world because of its unique high-profile celebrity clientele.

Restoring Reputations For Individuals and Businesses From Corporations to Small Companies

Online reputation management (ORM) is a term that refers to either a company’s or an individual’s profile on websites throughout the Internet. With so many ways to damage a person’s reputation and credibility online it is crucial to maintain a good profile.

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Growing Your Business

We bring first page results for relevant keywords and increase traffic to your website fast! Our clients include elite doctors, multi-million dollar corporations, celebrities and businesses in a wide variety of industries.

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Mediasophia offers Google-approved marketing techniques to get your website leads immediately and in the most competitive markets. With our emphasis on quality and long-term results we offer an exceptional record of search engine optimization (SEO) success for our clients in cities including Miami, Paris, New York, and others across the world.

Organic SEO Campaigns

Mediasophia‘s portfolio of highly successful organic SEO campaigns includes industries as diverse as health and medicine, finance, television production and local business services. Our work earns millions of dollars for our clients every month and our proven holistic approach to SEO begins with quality writing, industry and keyword research, competition analysis and the creation of complex social media and custom blog networks that optimize your website as they enhance your brand across the web.

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